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BBC Panorama: Number of Child In-Patient Mental Health Deaths Not Known

By 15th April 2016No Comments

Alarming evidence collated by INQUEST has revealed that there is no system in place to record, monitor, and publish the number of children who have died whilst receiving in-patient mental health care. The research conducted by INQUEST through its specialist casework with families found there was a ‘fundamental lack of transparency’ and ‘central oversight’ concerning the deaths of such a vulnerable group across England and Wales.

Last Monday, BBC Panorama focused on Sara Green’s story, a young girl who died in a mental health unit. Sara, who was 17 years old at the time of her death, was living at the privately run Priory Group Cheadle Royal Hospital, Cheshire. This was a considerable distance from her family and meant that they could not afford to visit her every week. At her Inquest, the Coroner concluded that there was a lack of appropriate NHS placements in her local area along with a failure to manage her impending discharge from Cheadle Royal were both contributory factors to the act of self harm that led to her death.

The programme ‘I’m broken inside: Sara’s Story’, which aired on Monday 11th April 2016, highlighted the poor care that Sara received from both Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Priory Group. It also identified the serious concerns raised by INQUEST in relation to the current state of mental health services for children and young adults.

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You can watch the full programme on BBC iPlayer here:

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