Bedsores are an increasing problem for a lot of people who require treatment. They cause a substantial amount of pain and suffering and are preventable.  If you have a bedsore, also known as a pressure sore, then this can be prevented in hospital or any clinical situation if the correct care is provided to you.

If you are left lying in the same position for a period of time then you are at increased risk of suffering from bedsores.

Normally people believe that bedsores are suffered only by the elderly who have thinner skin and are more susceptible to receive such sores, such as in nursing care situations.  However, anyone can suffer with a bedsore.  The NICE Guidelines set out how people should be treated and the National Health Service can prevent bedsores by following appropriate guidance.

When considering a claim for bedsores our medical negligence team will consider:-

  • Were you properly assessed when in hospital as to the risk of developing a bedsore?
  • Has the bedsore been noted down in your hospital records or care plan?
  • Were you offered any specialist equipment to relieve any pressure areas such as the hips, lower back or any pressure points?
  • Did you receive any adequate assistance from the staff to move within 2 hours?
  • Were you given the appropriate food whilst in the hospital or clinical setting?
  • Were you more susceptible to pressure sores because of medical conditions such as diabetes or being elderly where your skin is thinner?
  • Were you subject to any infection whilst in hospital and did they do anything to stop the infection occurring?



If you have suffered with bedsores we will bring a claim against the relevant professional on your behalf.  We will pursue the claim for compensation on your behalf.  The medical negligence team will deal with matters for you.



When you bring a claim it is very important you decide how the claim is to be funded.

When pursuing a claim for medical negligence, claims can be very expensive.

There are different funding types of claims.

We deal with claims on what are known as a “No Win, No Fee Agreement” basis.

You may have existing insurance policies with your household insurance or other insurance policies you have.  Please let us have the full contact details of your insurers including policy number and insurer so we can discuss your claim with them and they can advise whether they will fund the claim.

Depending on the type of claim and your financial circumstances there are limited cases which are covered by legal aid.  We will discuss funding with you at our initial meeting.

If you have been subject to a bedsore please contact our medical negligence team by completing our online Claim Form, or contacting us on 01282 422711 or email