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The Care Campaign for the Vulnerable recently shared a case study in relation to a married couple, Christine and Peter, who have been married for 37 years and have lived happily together during this time. A few years ago Peter was diagnosed with dementia and Christine was advised that placing Peter in a care home would be the safest place for him to live. Christina hesitantly said yes provided they could still see each other every day.

Christine advised the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable that whilst she is happy with Peter’s care, she feels “robbed” of their affection towards each other as the care home has only recently allowed visits at a safe distance outside and has not been able to hug Peter for five months.

Christine commented: “I have asked to bring him home now but the social worker said that he is under a DOLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard) order and I couldn’t. I feel our rights have been taken away and I want him to come back. Before Covid, I brought him home every week and cooked and he loved being here. I am very grateful to the home and I understand they are following guidelines from this Government but he’s my husband and I know carers and managers if they couldn’t hug or show affection for such a long time to their spouses they wouldn’t be happy. I am demanding to bring my Peter back home at least until the visitation is back to normal. How long do we have at our age? We miss each other and it’s so unfair we are kept apart for so long when all we want to do is hug each other and show each other affection.”

Care Campaign for the Vulnerable have said that more families are contacting them saying that they are now considering bringing loved ones back home in order to maintain their relationships which is currently being denied in care homes due to the COVID19 visitation restrictions.

The full case study can be found here.

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