Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

At Southerns Solicitors we offer specialist advice on all aspects of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s). We will guide you through the process so you are safe in the knowledge that decisions around your Health, Welfare and Finances are protected, should the worst happen.

For many individuals, future planning is way down the list of priorities, however, nobody can predict what might happen in the future, you may develop a serious illness, dementia or have a life-changing accident at any time.

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To put your mind at ease for the future, it is important to consider securing Lasting Powers of Attorney early on in life.

These legally binding documents protect your interests, allowing a trusted individual to act on your behalf in the event you suffer a serious illness, or you lose the mental capacity to make decisions yourself.

Types of LPA

There are two main types of LPA:

Health and Welfare LPA

This LPA covers decisions such as where you should live, daily care and any medical treatment.

A health and welfare LPA can only be applied when you are unable to make your own decisions.

Property and Financial Affairs LPA

This is where decisions need to be taken about your finances (managing your bank accounts and collecting your benefits) and property (selling your home).

A property and financial affairs LPA can be used as soon as it is registered, with your permission. If it is to be used later, then you can decide the conditions for when this will be.

You can only make a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you have mental capacity to do so, and you can choose to either prepare one or both types.

Who Can Put An LPA In Place?

Any individual who is over 18 and has mental capacity is permitted to put in place one or both LPA’s.

If an individual lacks mental capacity or you do not have an LPA in place once you lose capacity, then your loved ones will need to apply to court for deputyship to make certain decisions on your behalf.

This option is complicated, and will often be more expensive, adding more stress and cost at what can be a difficult time. This is why it is important to setup an LPA earlier on in life.

Benefits of Creating an LPA

Having an LPA comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • It is more efficient and cheaper than the alternative (a deputyship order)
  • Speed – an LPA can be completed and registered in advance and is ready to use immediately in an unexpected situation
  • You can choose the people who will make important decisions on your behalf instead of a stranger or someone you do not trust.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Lasting Power Of Attorney?

Powers of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney x 1 £400 plus vat
Lasting Power of Attorney x 2

(One person making both types, or a couple making one type each)

£600 plus vat
Lasting Power of Attorney x 4

(Couple making both types)

£800 plus vat


Bundles (Will and LPA’s)

Simple Standard Will &

One type of LPA

£500 plus vat

(saving of £85)

Simple Standard Will &

Both types of LPA

£685 plus vat

(saving of £100)

Simple Standard Wills (couple) &

One type of LPA (couple)

£800 plus vat

(saving of £105)

Simple Standard Wills (couple) &

Both types of LPA (couple)

£950 plus vat

(saving of £155)

*Please note in addition to our fees a registration fee is payable to the Office of the Public Guardian, currently £82.00 per document.

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