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At some stage, all businesses are likely to be involved in a dispute. Our specialist team will give you clear and practical advice that is in the best interests of your business and which takes account of both the law and your own commercial considerations. Our advice is aimed to help you to take practical decisions to resolve disputes at an early stage.

We will always consider whether the issue can be resolved without the need for litigation, for example by mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution which are processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement, without the need for court proceedings or a hearing in front of a Judge.

If litigation is required or has already commenced, you can be confident that we have the expertise and experience to advise and represent you.

We can offer advice and representation in the following areas:-
  • Company disputes including claims by and against Directors and Shareholders and minority shareholder claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Disputes with your suppliers and customers
  • Contract issues relating to Terms and Conditions and Breach of Contract claims
  • Land and property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant issues, including termination of leases, rent arrears, breach of terms and dilapidations
  • Debt recovery
  • Supply of goods and services including quality issues and terms of payment
  • Professional Negligence including claims against legal and other professionals such as Accountants and Surveyors

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