A female disabled renter successfully challenged an estate agent’s ‘No DSS’ policy on grounds it indirectly discriminated against her because of her sex and disability.

The claimant is a disabled single mum of two and in 2018 she was looking for a new home after being served with a ‘no fault’ eviction notice by her current landlord.

Despite having ten years’ proof of paying rent on time and excellent references from her two previous landlords, she was told by a letting agent that company policy meant that she could not be considered as a tenant as she receives housing benefit As she could not find another property to let she became homeless and had to move into a hostel with her daughter.

At the final hearing of J -v- X Estate Agents, the court found that: “The Defendant’s former policy of rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant is in receipt of Housing Benefit was unlawfully indirectly discriminatory on the grounds of sex and disability contrary to sections 19 and 29 of the Equality Act 2010”.

The ruling will go a long way to ensure all renters’ rights are equal, regardless of their life situation or background.

The full report can be found here and we hope that it proves useful for many of our clients.

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